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  • There's a Lot of Amore at Il Forno in Lakeland

    There s a Lot of Amore at Il Forno in Lakeland

    If you're looking for amore in an Italian restaurant, head to Il Forno in South Lakeland and you'll discover love in a variety of dishes.

  • Nibbles Spotlight: L'incontro Italian Restaurant

    Nibbles Spotlight  L incontro Italian Restaurant

    Nestled in what looks like a remodeled house, L'incontro offers elegance in a relaxed atmosphere. The dining area is not large, but makes good use of space. Red tablecloths under glass offer a glow that makes the restaurant sparkle.

  • The Hotel Offers a Tasty Glimpse of Days Gone By

    The Hotel Offers a Tasty Glimpse of Days Gone By

    Boarding houses were all the rage at the onset of the 20th century, and the Great Depression only fueled the idea, with homeowners giving shelter and sustenance to paying guests in order to pay their mortgages.

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