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  • Mom-and-Pop Atmosphere, Large Tasty Menu at Subs 'n Such

    Mom and Pop Atmosphere  Large Tasty Menu at Subs  n Such

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: Subs ‘n Such has been holding up shop in the two little yellow buildings along South Florida Avenue in Lakeland since 1977. Walking into Subs ‘n Such is like walking into an old-school, mom-and-pop sandwich shop.

  • Carefree Ambience, Tasty Fare at Cherry Pocket

    Carefree Ambience  Tasty Fare at Cherry Pocket

    Anglers love quiet, so it's somewhat bemusing to sit on the deck of this popular seafood destination ensconced on cypress-laden Lake Pierce and witness the show.

  • Ribs at Jimbo's Are Tremendous

    Ribs at Jimbo s Are Tremendous

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: Jimbo's is celebrating its 50th year in the barbecue business and could use a bit of a facelift. The bench-style tables are refinished and shiny, but there's a certain drab quality to the interior. Old bottles and...

  • Palace Italian Restaurants Know How to Do It Right

    Palace Italian Restaurants Know How to Do It Right

    If the word Palace is on the marquee, it's all about famiglia, and very good food, made by Italians for the average American palate. So while you feel the amore, you know deep down that we have yet to see the true potential.

  • New Management at Manolito's Updates Menu

    New Management at Manolito s Updates Menu

    .CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: Manolito's has been serving sandwiches to the people of Polk County since 1977. The menu keeps it simple: sandwiches, salads and sides. The restaurant, in the Imperial Christina Plaza, is a small, cozy shop with four...

  • Fish City's Dishes Served Up With Flair

    Fish City s Dishes Served Up With Flair

    Fish City Grill is a gem of a restaurant tucked along the main thoroughfare that cuts through the heart of Lakeland's Lakeside Village.

  • Nibbles Spotlight: Lings Buffet Also Serves Delicious Hibachi, Sushi

    Nibbles Spotlight  Lings Buffet Also Serves Delicious Hibachi  Sushi

    4320 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland, 863-701-8787,
    11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 4 to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 4 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.

  • PDQ Is Fresh Chicken Without the Fuss

    PDQ Is Fresh Chicken Without the Fuss

    You've got to love a chicken joint that allows turkey to horn in on the action.
    I can't think of another quick-serve chain eatery where these two birds have starring roles, though chicken reigns at this Tampa-based newcomer.

  • Nominate Your Favorite Restaurants for Golden Plate Awards

    Nominate Your Favorite Restaurants for Golden Plate Awards

    Do you have a go-to spot when you're in the mood for Chinese? Is there a restaurant you recommend to all your friends for special occasions?

  • Nibbles Restaurant Review: Ker's Winghouse

    Nibbles Restaurant Review  Ker s Winghouse

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: Ker's WingHouse follows the familiar chicken wing chain restaurant formula of attractive young women serving boneless, naked and breaded wings in addition to a limited selection of burgers and seafood. The walls are covered...

  • Mimi's Cafe Delivers Great French, American Fare

    Mimi s Cafe Delivers Great French  American Fare

    No longer chained to Bob Evans Farms Inc., Mimi's Cafe has returned to its roots with a more imaginative menu taking diners on a tour of France.

  • Moe's Serves More than Burritos

    Moe s Serves More than Burritos

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: We visited Moe's during a recent, crowded weekday lunch. Probably because the workers were busy, we didn't get the usual amusing "Welcome to Moe's" chorus, and that's fine. When you think of Moe's, think mainly of big,...

  • Relocated Bebo's Offers Taste of New Orleans

    Relocated Bebo s Offers Taste of New Orleans

    By now much of the mourning over Bebo's Marina's demise should have subsided, though it's doubtful denizens of the once-popular shack dishing out minimalist Louisiana grub and craft beer will ever fully recover.

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