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  • China Wok is top-notch takeout

    China Wok is top notch takeout

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: Chinese food is served mostly as take-out fare here, although the restaurant has eight or so tables if you want to enjoy your food there. To be clear, though, you’ll be eating in a food-court-type atmosphere; nothing...

  • Honey Barrel Ale is big and balanced

    Honey Barrel Ale is big and balanced 

    This recent release from Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. is a big, ponderous brown ale brewed with honey and ginger.

  • Customers needed, so dinner's free Thursday at Mosaics Community Cafe

    Customers needed  so dinner s free Thursday at Mosaics Community Cafe

    BARTOW — Dinner’s on the house Thursday night at Mosaics Community Café in Bartow.

  • Little Greek Fresh Grill set to open in Lakeland

    Little Greek Fresh Grill set to open in Lakeland

    Little Greek Fresh Grill — a Tampa-based, fast-casual Greek restaurant chain — is set to open a location in South Lakeland's Lake Miriam Shopping Center this fall.

  • Rib House unleashes Thai, with a side of hush puppies

    Rib House unleashes Thai  with a side of hush puppies

    A fixture on South Florida Avenue for close to 30 years, The Rib House has garnered a reputation for solid barbecue, Southern staples and expansive breakfast offerings.

  • 99 Bottles: Tourist Trappe a solid beer from M.I.A.

    99 Bottles  Tourist Trappe a solid beer from M I A 

    M.I.A. Beer Co., located in the heart of Miami-Dade County, has been riding a wave of success for its small, smart portfolio of solid beers like Tourist Trappe.

  • Grapefruit takes lead, but flavor remains

    Grapefruit takes lead  but flavor remains

    The sweet, smooth character of ruby red grapefruit is front and center in Tricyle, a radler out of Vancouver, British Columbia that never loses track of its beer identity.

  • The Terrace Grille surprises and delights

    The Terrace Grille surprises and delights 

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: The Terrace Grille offers one of the few upscale dining experiences in Polk County, a place that offers interesting and unexpected selections, such as lamb sausages, on tables with white linen and elegant glasses. The setting...

  • Review: A-Train BBQ is picking up steam

    Review  A Train BBQ is picking up steam

    LAKELAND — Dave Ashley is winning over customers with solid barbecue, Southern staples and down-home cakes and pies.

  • Nibbles: Italian + Success = Olive Garden

    Nibbles  Italian   Success   Olive Garden

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: This Italian restaurant offers your favorite classics and so much more. With an extensive menu that includes beef, chicken, seafood, pizzas, soups and its well-known salad, it’s easy to find what you’re...

  • 99 Bottles: Briny Melon Gose sticks to ancient brewing style

    99 Bottles  Briny Melon Gose sticks to ancient brewing style

    Tart and slightly sour, this summer refresher from California’s Anderson Valley Brewing Company lends subtle watermelon flavor to a style of beer that is gaining traction for its Old World ethic.

  • Waffle House set to open new restaurant in South Lakeland

    Waffle House set to open new restaurant in South Lakeland

    Kelly Thrasher, a spokeswoman for Waffle House, said construction will most likely begin in the fall and that the restaurant is projected to open toward the end of the year.

  • Big Tom's Diner a hit from the get-go

    Big Tom s Diner a hit from the get go

    WINTER HAVEN — It may come as no surprise that another “diner” has opened shop in Polk County. But this one appears to be in the game for the long haul.

  • Summer Wheat a highlight of the season

    Summer Wheat a highlight of the season

    For the past few summers, Pennsylvania’s Yuengling Brewery has delivered a traditional hefeweizen capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the better German imports. The same goes for summer 2016.

  • Not all Palace Pizza locations the same

    Not all Palace Pizza locations the same

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: Italian is served in a laid-back atmosphere at the Palace Pizza in Highland City. The locally owned restaurant offers more entrée options than some Palace Pizza locations, but has only counter service, setting it apart from...

  • Light and refreshing, Hayseed tastes of green apple

    Light and refreshing  Hayseed tastes of green apple

    Truly light and refreshing, Hayseed is a throwback to a style of beer born at the dawn of the 20th century in French-speaking Belgium. Known as a grisette, it offered miners low-alcohol refreshment with body and taste similar to the more rustic...

  • 99 Bottles: Pair Tarte Nouveau with seafood

    99 Bottles  Pair Tarte Nouveau with seafood

    Tarte Nouveau delivers a punch of sour with a light, ale base, making for a perfect summer palate cleanser.

  • Review: Keke's caters to the breakfast crowd

    Review  Keke s caters to the breakfast crowd

    LAKELAND — America's growing appetite for breakfast fare is driving the success of Keke's Breakfast Café, the Orlando-based chain with 22 Florida locations and another seven on the way.

  • Cherry Bomb is aptly named

    Cherry Bomb is aptly named

    Fresh, tree-ripened apples from California and Oregon blend seamlessly with sour Montmorency cherries in this refreshingly unique hard cider rightfully named Cherry Bomb.

  • Be sure to order steak at Norby's

    Be sure to order steak at Norby s

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: Steak and seafood are served in a rustic, shack-like restaurant, complete with trees inside and out. The inside relies on things like a small washboard for decorations. That’s fine, but other items inside need to be...

  • Proper Pie Co. serves up British pub grub

    Proper Pie Co  serves up British pub grub

    DAVENPORT — To the casual observer, The Proper Pie Co. conjures images of tidy desserts filled with apple, cherry, pumpkin and so on.

  • Scarpa's Italian restaurant to be featured on TV

    Scarpa s Italian restaurant to be featured on TV

    Scarpa's Italian restaurant in Lakeland pulled out all the stops for Emeril Lagasse during an episode of “Emeril's Florida” airing next week on the Cooking Channel.

  • BD's Mongolian Grill set to reopen June 6

    BD s Mongolian Grill set to reopen June 6

    The Lakeland eatery — one of 26 Mongolian Grills throughout the United States — will be under corporate management after previously being owned by an independent franchisee.

  • Enjoy new flavors at good prices at Frescos

    Enjoy new flavors at good prices at Frescos

    CUISINE AND ATMOSPHERE: Upscale food is served in a quaint old building with a lot of character. Breakfast, lunch and dinner offer many interesting items, like the Knuckle — an omelet filled with chicken, andouille sausage, pepper jack cheese...

  • Saw-Whet Saison hits the right notes with hints of lemon

    Saw Whet Saison hits the right notes with hints of lemon

    Named for a tiny species of owl, Saw-Whet Saison hits all the right notes for a hoppy, American spin on the rustic, farmhouse ales born in Belgium.

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