Three Perfect Games and an Almost Top This Week's Honor Roll

Published: Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 12:49 a.m.
Last Modified: Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 12:49 a.m.

Three perfect games and an "almost" top the charts for this week. At Orange Bowl, Stan Sprow and Billy Searles, Jr. were perfect and Mike Dongarra, Sr. just missed with a 299. Imperial Lanes is represented by Bert Slater with his own perfect twelve-in-a-row.

Scores over 900 in the four-game format at Orange Bowl and Cypress Lanes were impressive. Dave Piker hit 268/252/240/964, Travis Thrasher 261/245/228/228/ 962, Terrance Reeves 279/951, Gary Porn 274/248/949, Chris Munchel 245/236/258/944, Gary Schlafke 266/243/935, Dongarra 266/299/930, Jeff Stamm 260/237/248/929, Josh Scanlan 254/905 and Chris Berg 257/900.

While we are on the four-game format here are some excellent scores in the 800s. Matt Glendenning 246/279/888, Bryan Mathers 267/232/221/886, Mike Donagarra, Jr. 247/226/874, Emilo Mora 258/229/873, B. J. Blalock 244/223/872, Bill Shaffer 236/224/858, Mike Calloway 226/235/246/856, Steve Funds 259/854, Joe Skopinski 235/245/850, Frank LeFleur 237/247/846, Mike Sweeney 230/224/845, Neal Waldeck 258/229/845, Doug Lovett 234/843, Trevor Bryant 223/243/842, Joe Woznicki 222/813, Phil Rockey 221/243/803 and Tom Fellner 802.

There are myriad top scores in the traditional three game format including 700s from Sprow 300/259/763, Manny Castanon 279/246/749, Searles, Jr. 257/300/736, Brandon Harris 245/242/228/715, Agin Williams 714, Pokey Podgorski 268/249/708 and Robert Cisco 247/227/226/700.

More top scores were rolled by Jimmy Coffman 278/226/695, Bob Baugher, Jr. 258/238/692, Arnie Graham 250/691, Randall Gregory 234/231/225/690, Rick Coleman 242/690, J. J. Brock 255/690, Preston Gould 258/689, Lex Hamilton 258/246/689, David Owens 268/255/687, Richard Treyo 237/246/686, Rodney Perez 264/679, Tom Zalys 256/226/678, Dongarra, Sr. 244/237/674, Scooter Wadley 245/225/673, Sid Howard 672 (average 174), Fred Stephens 235/670, Sprow 248/667, Clayton Bryant 242/667, Keith Miller 661, Janis Caffee 249/660 and 237/608, Bob Reedy 234/659, Jaime Angulo 230/656, Bob Martinchich 255/650, Hugh Slater 265/664, Ron Arnerson 279/656, Alanzo Burton 221/224/649, Jim Harrison 256/646, Leroy Brice 268/649, John Ramsey 644, Mack Cummings 233/228/643, Leo Lombardi 247/642 (average 172), Reggie Mitchell 224/642, P. J. Campbell 233/640, Justin Wisler 257/637, Pam Sprow 247/231/636, Steve Hicks 225/607, Joe Cuzzone 608, Robert Pope 608, James Judd 245/607, Michi Pope 234/604, Steve Hicks 221/604, Everett Rieck 603 and Bob Delafield 600. Gar Sagar tossed 224/200/226/650 with a 166 average, plus he will celebrate his 91st birthday on June 29th. In between his several leagues, his volunteer work at the Senior Center and showing up at Cypress Lanes to "practice his spares", Sagar will attend his 65th college class reunion this year.

The 220 and better games come from every bowling center by Dave Doncell, Bob Wagner, Rob Nagal, Rebecca MorrisMartin McRobie, Chuck Sherotski, Tim O'Shea, Jerry Nipper, Frank Roundtree, Aaron Ellingsworth, Carol Wadley, Sherry Biller, Monty Sours, Doug Lovett, Tomi Burns, Paul Phalan, Eric Weisbrodt, Cole Yoder, Bert Helms,Dee Mixon, Carol Koppey, Mike Dierolf, Bob Fott, Walter Dunn, Maryfran Milbank, Cody Allen, Matt Inman, Ryan Mahar, Stephen Knapek, Virginia Wright, Richard Culp, Charlie Dellova and Jim Adkins.

Games with scores above the 200 mark were posted by Dave Domine, Charles Coffman, Cammy Jeffries, Bill Bartlett, Jamie Lane, Chuck Kozma, Mark Smith, Pete Gregorich, Tim Dallman, Jim Robarge, Rashaud Cook, Hobie Sumner, Meckie Keys, Steve Elood, James Joseph, Richard Carter and Bill Sumner. More 200s were bowled by Michael Burrows, Roger Russell, Leah Wallace, Kris Olson, Bob Shearer, Chip Rinderle, Jim DuBose, Diego Ulloa, Kevin Chancey, Rodena Angulo, Judy Bryant, George Bullo, Ken Glover, Brian Pistole, Mike Allanson, Marianne Palmer, Sara Nelson, Joe Miske, Jim Grifith, Gwen Cobbs, George Spiers, L'Ynn Douthit, Marty Fleischer, Hal Riechenberg, Tom Cale, Bert Helms, Danny Wheelock and Rosezetta Reed.

In the "just for fun" nine-pin no tap league at Orange Bowl, Jimmy Coffman rolled two 300s in the same series and added a 252 for an 852. Wes Burrows scored 255/288/286/829. Yep, sounds like fun.

AMF Lakeland Lanes is offering "All You Can Bowl" on Friday and Saturday nights from 5 p.m. until closing for $11.99 per person. That price includes shoe rental.

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